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Free: ultimate travel art supplies guide 

In this guide, you'll find everything you need to prepare if you've got a trip coming up, or just want the scoop on what art supplies work best for each occassion.  

I tell you which bags, drawing implements and paint sets I LOVE when making art on-the-go.

Don't waste your money on supplies that fail you when you need them most. Instead, get excited and inspired about your next trip!

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What's Inside the Guide:

  • Top bags for traveling that hold all the art supplies you'll need (and more)
  • Which bag I use for each occassion
  • Link to video content showing what fits in each of my travel art bags
  • The minimalist: the fewest supplies you need to make the biggest impact if you need to go light
  • Ideas for capturing value while packing light (essential!)
  • The ultimate travel art supply list
  • Advice, inspiration, and a gift for you!

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