Hi! I'm Jessie

Artist, educator, community builder.

Through my work I explore themes of movement, connection to the natural world, and my experience of landscape. I blend realism and abstraction to lead viewers out of their usual habits of perception, and invite them to read their own unique experiences of landscape in the paintings.

Thanks for visiting my studio!

Original Paintings


What Collectors Say

  • Vibrant colors of turquoise, purple, and hot pink captured my eye in this cheerful painting. It adds a tropical feel to my living room with its bright hues.

    I love buying art from Jessie, and have collected more than ten pieces to date. I keep an eye on her new work so I can change up my space and reinvigorate my home.


  • The paintings on my walls evoke different feelings and memories. If I stop to appreciate them, they can take me back, or travelling. At a glance, the art gives me a good vibe. I can silently salute an old friend or remember a time and place.

    Choose art for your spaces that you cannot explain solely with words. Art that makes you smile. Or feel. Art that is strong. Jessie’s art brings all of this to me in my home. Living amongst her paintings, I encounter moments I otherwise wouldn’t in my day-to-day. Something to move me hangs right there on the wall.


  • There are so many things that attract me to Jessie’s work, but the first that comes to mind is the subtlety of movement, especially in shadow areas. It gives a sensation that you are on site with her, that you can almost feel the breeze that moves the grass, the leaves, and sky. It is Jessie’s keen observation skill and emotional sensitivity to nature’s abundant beauty that I really appreciate.