Cape Breton

Spent the Canada Day weekend in Cape Breton… went for a hike… shed my clothes… then realized other tourists had made their way up the path and were getting a bit of a show… apologized… went for a dip (very chilly waterfall dip!)… and a friend took a picture. On the drive back to NB I dreamed up this painting and a month later got the time to execute it using my friend’s picture as a reference.

Here is a detail:

oil painting cape breton swimming
Cape Breton Bears, oil on canvas, detail

Something different

I could post a picture of the finished Berry picking painting but that would ruin all the suspense for my late September show in Fredericton. Instead I shall give you a fun watercolour I did recently. It may end up being an illustration for a children’s book I’m working on.

watercolour painting of fish
Fish, watercolour on paper, 7 x 9.5"