Flat Rock Falls

My Dad and Grandma spent the past week at the family cottage on Go Home Lake. Thinking of them there made me crave the landscape (more than I already am) and so another lake painting was born.

These falls are accessible by boat and I remember special picnics there with our yellow lab Spencer. Maybe I’ll add him in this painting… I haven’t decided yet.

Happy Monday folks.




TGIF: painting marathon outcome

Well, it’s been a long day. I spent a total of 9 hours painting and regardless of hot packs, stretching and ibuprofen I am in quite a bit of neck/head pain this evening. I know the painting is not quite done yet, although I don’t know exactly how far I am to the finish line… let’s just say I’m a lot closer.

Here is the progress picture I promised you, complete with an appearance from Dragon, who leapt up onto a chair to look out the window as I pressed the shutter.

Quilted Lake in Progress, oil/canvas, 2 x 4' with kitten
Quilted Lake in Progress, oil/canvas, 2 x 4′ with kitten

Cat in the Yard

I managed to finish this painting today and start work on a another piece in this series. You’ll see that one at a later date. For now, enjoy this kitty on the lawn/quilt painting, inspired by a photograph I took when I was 13.

Cat in Yard, oil/canvas, 16 x 20"
Cat in Yard, oil/canvas, 16 x 20″

Company in the Studio

I have wonderful company in my studio every day. Her name is Dragon and she can often be found looking like this… either on my drawing desk or, if I’m using it, on the sunny window ledge.

Sleepy Kitty
Sleepy Kitty

Here’s what I’m working on today:

Quilted Wall in progress #1
Quilted Wall in progress #1
Quilted Wall in progress #2
Quilted Wall in progress #2
Quilted Wall in progress #3
Quilted Wall in progress #3

Sketchbook Sunday

Here’s a little sketch I did from a curb in Ruidoso, NM while waiting for a friend to arrive on the bus. I imagine I’ll be attacking it with some colour soon. Or maybe not… it’s rather calming and pleasing in its present simple form.

sketch of tree beside building
Waiting for Freddy, sketchbook

Still in progress…

I promised you a picture of my completed landscape painting today but I cannot follow through since it is not yet complete! I hope this picture of my work in progress suffices to give you an idea of the colour scheme, scenery and size. I will post another picture of the finished painting just as soon as I can.

oil landscape painting in progress with palette
Oil landscape painting in progress