Drawing Challenge Day 14

For day 14 of the Drawing Challenge I was supposed to draw my favorite fairy tale. I personally really enjoy fairy tales involving bears. One is The Bear collected by Andrew Lang in The Grey Fairy BookA princess is sort of turned into a bear. Another tale describes a girl who runs off with a bear. They’re both great. Disney’s Pixar “Brave” involves bears in a similar fashion. All good!

Here’s my drawn fairy tale:

pen and ink drawing of the bear, a fairy tale
The Bear, a fairy tale

Day 13 of the Drawing Challenge

Day 13 of the drawing challenge calls for a comic. This drawing challenge has held me up for a few days. I adore comics but am never quite sure how to cram the stories I want to tell into a small comic panel. I get caught in one depiction of a human and end up – much later – with one nice drawing of a character, unable (or unwilling?) to reproduce them the seven more times I’d need to.

So… here is the kind of comic I can produce. You should be able to click on the image to see it a bit larger.

pen and ink comic strip about birds and ikea
the Burds

Day 6 of the Drawing Challenge

Day six of the drawing challenge calls for your favorite book character and specifies, “can’t be a movie” so that one doesn’t just grab a dvd case and sketch a hollywood actor/actress.

I chose Princess Cimorene from the Enchanted Forest Chronicles. I’ve only read the first book, “Dealing with Dragons” in which the princess, unwilling to remain in her castle and succumb to an arranged marriage, runs away to become a servant to a female dragon named Kazul. There she is in charge of making tea, cherries jubilee, and doing much of the cleaning. When princes begin to arrive one after another to “rescue” her from her dragon she turns them away – at one point telling a fib about a sprained ankle in an attempt to prevent more potential suitors from making the journey to rescue her. She is quite happy serving Kazul.

I thoroughly enjoyed the young adult book and recommend it to anyone who likes a somewhat unconventional fairy tale or two.

ink and pencil crayon drawing of princess cimorene of dealing with dragons book
Princess Cimorene, pencil crayon and ink, 8 x 10″

Down by the Weeping Willow

I often find resources for my paintings after I’m actually done them. Here is a perfect example. I listen to Down by the Weeping Willow by Daniel, Fred and Julie now and then but didn’t think about it (consciously) when sketching up “Sleeping Willow”. It also didn’t play while I was painting. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve heard it. I just started singing it today and made the connection.

The painting is not a depiction of the song as you will find out if you listen to it, but sleeping by a weeping willow is the image that stuck… I should also note the woman in my painting is not dead but sleeping. Still, I thought the connection between image and song interesting enough to share. Enjoy the creepy, sad, but pretty tune.


Starpainters and Lofty Pines

I’m working on a group of paintings (well, at least a pair of paintings): sleep-walkers, sleep-swimmers, sleep-paddlers caught in the middle of their dreaming when you wander out with a flashlight to see just where they’ve floated off to. To me these paintings are strongly connected with the paintings Cedar Falling and Desert Girl from yesterday’s post.

Today’s painting is a thank-you to artist Peter Doig, whose canvases fill my dreams on a regular basis. Who has painted many canoes, star-flecked skies and pudgy, dancing pine trees.

Thanks is also due to Canadian musician and poet Gordon Downie whose music and lyrics filter into my mind (and heart) on a near-daily basis. The songs Starpainters and Lofty Pines were particularly influential in the making of this painting, and the next painting that I will aim to post tomorrow.

Thanks also to my brothers who pasted the constellations with tiny glow-in-the-dark stickers on their bedroom ceilings growing up. And who continue to dream big, lofty dreams with white paddles flashing with silver…

oil painting of man sleeping in stars with canoe and pines at night
Under Star Stickers, oil on canvas, 16 x 20"

And here is a detail:

detail of painting with sleeping man, stars, canoe and pine trees
Under Star Stickers detail