Summer dinner

To commemorate the very last day of summer I thought I’d post a summer-dinner painting.

Here is a table spread our friends laid for us one summer evening in their Toronto backyard… fond memories of the evening still linger.

Stay tuned for another summer meal post tomorrow!

watercolour painting of picnic table
Summer Dinner, watercolour on paper, 4 x 6"

Everyone needs a picnic now and then

Today I needed cheering up, so I painted myself a picnic. A picnic on a lily pad, because that’s the way life should be some days. With the sun streaming down and flickering off the surface of the water, you crunch a dill pickle between your teeth and listen to the sound of water lapping up around your little luncheon raft.

oil painting of lunch on lilypad
Luncheon on the Lily Pad, oil on board, 10 x 10"