Day 6 of the Drawing Challenge

Day six of the drawing challenge calls for your favorite book character and specifies, “can’t be a movie” so that one doesn’t just grab a dvd case and sketch a hollywood actor/actress.

I chose Princess Cimorene from the Enchanted Forest Chronicles. I’ve only read the first book, “Dealing with Dragons” in which the princess, unwilling to remain in her castle and succumb to an arranged marriage, runs away to become a servant to a female dragon named Kazul. There she is in charge of making tea, cherries jubilee, and doing much of the cleaning. When princes begin to arrive one after another to “rescue” her from her dragon she turns them away – at one point telling a fib about a sprained ankle in an attempt to prevent more potential suitors from making the journey to rescue her. She is quite happy serving Kazul.

I thoroughly enjoyed the young adult book and recommend it to anyone who likes a somewhat unconventional fairy tale or two.

ink and pencil crayon drawing of princess cimorene of dealing with dragons book
Princess Cimorene, pencil crayon and ink, 8 x 10″

Sketchbook Sunday

Okay, so I know it’s Monday but I still want to show you what I was up to all day Sunday! My husband and I decided to do a spring cleaning (in the fall) and cleared out all the boxes and such from our laundry room. This revealed quite a functional desk that was hiding underneath. I decided this would make the perfect sewing/craft room and could house my new garage-sale-find singer sewing machine. After converting it, I sketched it:

ink drawing of a sewing room through a screen door
Sewing room through screen door aka. my cottage. Ink on paper, sketchbook

Then I colored my drawing… and now all I have to do is learn how to thread the machine and re-learn how to sew!

ink and pencil crayon drawing of sewing room through screen door
sewing room in color, sketchbook