TGIF: painting marathon

Good Friday morning to everyone!

It’s 9:30 and I’ve jogged, showered, breakfasted, cleaned, laid with the kitty and prepared my palette. I’ve been working on “Quilted Lake” for weeks now and it’s just really dragging. I did really really enjoy working on it yesterday though so I decided today was the perfect day for a painting marathon!

Meaning? I’m sitting down to paint now and I’m not going to stop until this painting is DONE… or my body gives out… whichever happens first. I’ll take breaks to stretch and eat obviously and maybe to work in a mini solo dance party or two (I listen to really upbeat music while I paint and sometimes can’t help dancing.)

Wish me luck. I will post my progress tonight whether it’s done or not!

Palette is ready!
Palette is ready!

Cat in the Yard: work in progress

This is a mid-day progress picture for you:

Cat in the Yard (in progress) oil/canvas, 16 x 20"
Cat in the Yard (in progress) oil/canvas, 16 x 20″

The photograph I’m using for reference I took when I was 13 and had a summer job babysitting a boy and his cats.

Random memory: we ate a lot of Cambell’s chunky soup that summer…  Something else we did was put pop* cans in the freezer (we timed this meticulously so that they wouldn’t explode) until they were a nice slushy consistency, cut the tops off (I did this part so Junior** wouldn’t hurt himself) then ate the home-made slushies with spoons.  We thought we were geniuses.

workspace with sketchbook and reference photo
workspace with sketchbook and reference photo

*”pop,” for my US friends, is what you call “soda” in the US, or “cokes” in some of the southern states.

**fake name to protect identity and inevitable punishment from parental units