New Gallery on Website

Hi Folks,

Just a little post to let you know I uploaded works from my latest show, “Sleeping in the Forest, Waking in the Desert” into a new page on my website. Go see them all together here.

photo of paintings in oil and watercolour
Sleeping in the Forest, Waking in the Desert screen shot

Hanging the show

I spent this morning working with Caitlin and Bryan at Runnels Gallery, organizing the salon-style hanging of my show. There is still a lot to be done including lighting and furniture arranging, not to mention some framing! However, I can finally tell how it will fit in the space and am getting really excited about the final outcome.

photo of an art exhibit being hung
Before the hanging of the show

Below is the Fine Art list of Events this fall.

My show is circled, the arrow indicates a student art show I am jurying and the hearts indicate the choir performances I’m in. If you’re nearby, come out and enjoy them all! (click on image to see larger)

Poster of Fine Arts Events for Fall 2011 ENMU
ENMU Fall Fine Arts Events