Picoso’s Mexican Kitchen Mural

It’s been a busy season since graduating in May. I had the honor of being hired by a friend, Kelly Reyna, to help her on an enormous exterior mural. Kelly had the mural sketched out in black by the time I showed up on the scene. She had me paint in all the rocks, the background fabric (and add some folds), as well as my favorite part: paint a trompe l’oeil golden frame around the restaurant’s take-out window. After that I shaded and added highlights to the striped fabric to make it look as if it was undulating and she even, very generously, had me sign the mural with her. One of my favorite parts of this mural is the taco-wing selfie section. This part was painted so that people could stand in front of it, giving themselves taco-wings, and take a selfie. The calming mantra: “Inhale Tacos, Exhale Negativity” just about sums up the awesomeness of this project. Pop over to the mural section on my website to see more pictures of this mural and others I’ve done.

Residency in review:

It was a wonderful five weeks in Greensboro, NC!

I got caught up in the flow and didn’t post as much as I anticipated so I think I’ll take this week to share little snippets from my residency.

Let’s start with a few pics of a mural Zada Tagli was working on at the Greensboro IRC (The Interactive Resource Center: assists people who are homeless, recently homeless or facing homelessness reconnect with their own lives and with the community at large.)

Here are some images from the first day of work on the mural – the day that I worked with her.

picture of mural at greensboro irc
Mural in beginning stages

zada tagli working on mural at greesboro irc
Zada Tagli at work on mural

mural and shadow