Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 of the Drawing Challenge

Whooops! Not one day into this challenge I forgot to draw and post. Don’t worry, I have already caught up and am still enthusiastic about the rest of the month’s drawings.

Day two was favorite animal… Currently my favorite animal is a cat – my cat to be specific. She is lovely.

graphite sketch of cat
Dragon sleeping

Day three of the challenge was Favorite food. Mine is pizza or…

drawing marker of favorite food pizza sushi
Pizza or Sushi

Day four¬†is favorite place. I choose a two story bookstore. Not that I have been in one recently… or ever… but I’m reading The Haunted ¬†Bookshop by Christopher Morely right now and well, it deserves to be drawn. I would LOVE being there right now…

sketchbook drawing marker of library book store two story
The two story bookstore

A last glimpse of summer

I am pleased to report that my large landscape painting went splendidly (or maybe I just wanted to use that word?) and it is now pretty much complete. Unfortunately it is evening now and too dark to take a good quality picture, so I have scrounged up something else for you.

I know there are many many people out there pining over the last days of summer, wishing they could do just one more cannonball into the lake… so here is a sketch I did from my last lake visit:

marker sketch of lake surface
Surface of the Lake, marker on paper, 9 x 12"