Sketchbook Sunday

I’m obsessed with interiors right now. I don’t know where this subject is going but continue to follow my impulses and make sketches of any space that strikes my fancy. Quite – QUITE – often I invent a portion of the space, or the entire thing.

… and yes, that is a puzzle I am working on in the upper right corner of the photograph 🙂

ink drawing of room interior in sketchbook
Interior, ink in sketchbook

Everyone loves to colour!

I have been drawing a colouring/activity book on the theme of knitting.

There are many people who come to our local yarn shop for “knit night” every Friday and among them, many children. Although these kids at one time or another have been known to hunch together on the floor and crochet faster than your grandmother, sometimes I think they might like to do a little colouring. At least I did when I was a kid. A lot.

So I’m taking some copies of the six drawings I have completed so far to tonight’s meeting and we’ll see if I can get some of the small humans interested in colouring them. If I succeed I’ll post pictures of them soon!

This is not our shop but a space I visit in my head at the end of the day when I’m actually in the corner of my living room… you can join me if you wish!

colouring book of yarn shop
Knit shop, ink on paper (for now!), 11 x 14"


Interior murals and Wall Art

It’s about time I share with you some pictures of a series of interior murals I did for a retail on-premise wine shop Splendid Grapes in Sackville, New Brunswick. They run a truly great shop, are wonderful people – and I made wonderful batches of wine with them to cater an art exhibit reception!

Murals are such a great way to bring a space to life with your personal inspiration. If you’re interested in an interior mural for your business or children’s room please contact me through my website so we can discuss the idea!  As a business owner you’d be supporting the arts and reflecting your values to customers. As a parent you’d be providing your child with an imaginative vibrant space in which to play and grow up. Our surroundings are more important than we realize and murals are an really fun, special way to brighten up your life. I can work with any theme and bring my own ideas to the table – or rather, to the wall 😉

wall mural for splendid grapes
Splendid Grapes
mural of grapes
Grapes overhead
painting of wine glass
Giant wine glass
painting of store owner
Steve, one of the store owners busy at work

The Sweetest Little Thing approaches!

Now in its 12th year, The Sweetest Little Thing is the most important annual fundraising event for The Owens Art Gallery and Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre.

Presented in partnership on Valentine’s Day,The Sweetest Little Thing combines a contemporary art auction with a cake walk and dance. The event has become a seasonal highlight for the community, featuring artists, friends and supporters from across the country and beyond.

The funds raised go directly to the ongoing programming of the galleries.

To view the fabulous art of the community up for auction and to make an online bid visit here.

drawing of matisse and his birds
Matisse and Birds from photo by Cartier-Bresson, watercolour and ink on paper, 4 x 6"

Another apartment

In my move I stumbled upon an old drawing of one of my previous apartments. This is a view from the big living room window at the sunroom where I spent most of my time.

drawing out living room window
View of Sunroom, Watercolour and ink on paper, 8 x 8"

Painting progress

Still working on the piece with the bear and the bed. Possible title: Laundry Bear. Here is another progress shot:

oil painting of bear and bed
Bear Bed, oil on canvas, detail

I’ve also completed the painting I recently made a post about (with the lawn chairs entitled Camper) and wanted to show you another piece of it, a lovely bear on a blue truck:

oil painting of bear and truck
Camper, oil on board, detail