Rain in the yard

This is my second foray into the world of pastels. The result is much more abstract than what I create in other mediums but this makes the practice even more valuable to me. It is my hope that sketching in pastel will provide some great inspiration and source material for paintings in the future.

(Side note: it did not rain today… this is from a downpour just over a week ago. Maybe this post will work some magic and bring on another downpour soon? Here’s to hoping…)

pastel drawing of rain over a shed and fence
Rain in the Yard, pastel on paper, 8x5 x 11"

A morning painting adventure…

I had a wonderful morning adventure in my car which involved nearly running over a meter-long snake (phew, I didn’t) and watching cows, birds, rabbits and stray cats roaming the plains.

Here is one of two sketches I did from the passenger seat, trying not to get oil paint all over the dashboard and armrests! I had to work both canvases quickly before the day got too hot and unbearable. I packed a cooler-bag of ice water but still got a little dizzy in the open. I drove home after two hours and completed the paintings at home in the comfortable air-conditioned studio. I’ll post the other canvas tomorrow…

oil painting of a bird on a fence post in the desert
Bird on a Post, oil on canvas, 8 x 10"

In the breeze

When the chores pile up there is nothing to do but… well, chores. That doesn’t mean however, that you can’t take a break to paint them. I remember Danny Gregory‘s advice for the “too-busy person” on how to make time for sketching, I read it in one of his books: draw those dishes just before you do them, draw your food as you eat it etc.

So maybe you can tell I’ve become a very busy person recently and seem to be working on rather small pieces… and I am, just trying to satisfy that itch to create even when there doesn’t seem to be any time. I  really must add though, that I think it is just as important to do the little sketches and record simple moments of beauty in small paintings as it is to make the big works that take more time and planning. Each type of painting works in its own way, allows me to express completely different feelings and thoughts as well as process things differently. I hope you can see the value in the different types of paintings I’m creating too.

This one may be slightly less successful than my last laundry painting since there is far less colour contrast, but I rather enjoy how the whites are billowing and blending into the sky. I find it calming and peaceful and hope you do too.

oil painting of white laundry on a line in a yard
In the breeze, oil on canvas, 6 x 6"

Blast from the Past!

marker drawing of house across the street
university boys house, marker on paper, 6 x 8"

I was poking around the studio yesterday when I found this sketch. It wasn’t tucked neatly away in one of my 42 sketchbooks, it was just floating through letters and random scraps of stationary. It struck me as rather funny. It is the view from my bedroom window during highschool. It depicts the house across the street. The house that held the university boys – as the yellow marker title suggests.

You can imagine me as a teen, holed up in my room diligently doing homework… diligently, until of course distracted by the comings and goings of the young band of rowdy gentlemen across the street and inspired to make a sketch.

I can remember nothing about making this drawing except that it was winter and I tried to show the snow by leaving the roof and lawn blank. I am grateful to have my drawings though, because they’re always giving me glimpses of my past back, sketch by sketch.