The picnic I promised

Here is another sketch for my colouring book of sorts:

ink drawing of picnic
Picnic colouring book page, ink on paper

And here’s how I would colour it in! I truly can’t wait to get the book done, get it out into the world and see what others do with my drawings. That’s still a long way away though since I have so many ideas I want to include.

watercolour painting of a picnic
Colourful Picnic, watercolour and ink on paper, 5 x 5"

A last glimpse of summer

I am pleased to report that my large landscape painting went splendidly (or maybe I just wanted to use that word?) and it is now pretty much complete. Unfortunately it is evening now and too dark to take a good quality picture, so I have scrounged up something else for you.

I know there are many many people out there pining over the last days of summer, wishing they could do just one more cannonball into the lake… so here is a sketch I did from my last lake visit:

marker sketch of lake surface
Surface of the Lake, marker on paper, 9 x 12"