Goodbye my pals

A couple of dogs I walked have left to Holland with their owner Tina and I get to frolic with them no longer. I do however get to look at their adorable faces whenever I want though, because I’ve done their portraits.

I’ve started doing pet portraits because I adore animals as subject matter and why wouldn’t someone want a portrait of their favourite family member? Am I right? So, here are my portraits of Poldi and Muffin:

Oh, and I should also mention, Muffin is quite internet savvy and keeps his own blog: Poodle Muffin in Canada

Pen and watercolour painting of dog
Poldi, watercolour and ink on paper, 6 x 9"
pen and watercolour painting of sleeping poodle
Muffin, watercolour and ink on paper, 6 x 9"