Café on the River Cam

While in Cambridge, UK this summer my husband punted my new in-laws and I down the river Cam on a sunny day. A sunny day in England… imagine that! Well, we were strangely lucky and had plenty of sun when we were there and I took many photographs. It is quite likely that these pictures will end up in painted form one day or another and here is the first example: a playful painting of a café near where we docked our boat.

painting of a cafe on the river cam in cambridge uk
Cafe on the Cam, acrylic on canvas, 8 x 10"

Sketchbook Sunday

I’ve decided to try and refrain from painting on weekends to give my body a rest. I will share with you on those few days a week my more elementary practice of sketching. You’ll see more experiments, more works in progress and more simple observance or records of the life around me…

graphite sketch of bagel and coffee at the do drop in
Blueberry Bagel at the Do Drop In, graphite in sketchbook

This first sketch is a true testament to my dedication. You cannot imagine how much I wanted to scarf the remainder of this blueberry bagel with cream cheese. But I resisted… just long enough to record it and then it was gone. Inhaled like kibble at a labrador’s schnoz.

graphite sketch of the do drop in, portales, new mexico
Do Drop In, graphite in sketchbook

This is the exterior of the cafe where said blueberry bagel was consumed with gusto. If it seems a little hastily recorded, it is because the morning was quickly heating up and I was eager to retreat to the air conditioning and rest my eyes from the bright sun of a New Mexico morning.

graphite sketch of man reading paper in do drop in
Waiting for a sandwich, graphite in sketchbook

This light sketch was done in just a few minutes when this man grabbed a paper and sat down to wait for his sandwich “to go”.

Bon mini-voyage

We’re off to a good start with a sunny day and a bright coffee cup. Always half-decaf by the way, otherwise I get too skittish. I’m taking the first driving shift.

watercolour and ink drawing of orange coffee cup and tiled table
Coffee, watercolour and ink on paper, 4 x 5"