A second sketchbook Sunday

Here are some free flow drawings from my sketchbook that I did today. I wasn’t really thinking, just following my intuition. A lot of nature imagery comes to my pen when I draw and think of  nothing. Leaves and branches seem to always be there just waiting for me.

ink drawing of pine cone
Pine Cone, ink in sketchbook
ink sketch of leaves
leaf abstraction, ink in sketchbook
ink sketch of leaves
Leaves, ink in sketchbook

An embrace

For those of you following me into the woods, here is a sketch worked from graphite into watercolour and finally pastels and ink. I enjoy the wild energy of the foliage contrasting with the calm pools of light and shadow at the base of the tree as well as the pose of the person whom you may or may not notice at first…

mixed media drawing of jessie dodington in forest with very large tree
Embrace, mixed media on paper, 12 x 12"

Long lost siblings

Sometimes the process of making a painting is over in a blink. The ideas come to me in an instant, I make the time to plan, sketch, set up the colours and dive in. My body cooperates (no headaches or back aches) and hours later I stumble out of the studio in a dehydrated daze trying to remember when I last ate… I’m happy when I peek back through the door and see a new creation staring back at me… I’m excited, often surprised as I stare at it… the painting almost seems to be saying, “What? Did I get the wrong address? Isn’t this where I’m supposed to be?”

But quite often, this is not the case. Sometimes ideas germinate for a long, long time. I sketch, I plan and nothing develops out of my efforts so I leave it alone and move on. Often I let the ideas go forever (there will always be more) but some are more potent than others and I keep thinking about them from time to time, curious and hopeful that they might still one day grow.

oil painting of man's face close up and cedar tree
Cedar Falling, oil on canvas, 38 x 48"

I made Cedar Falling a few years ago and it has since been waiting for a “sibling” painting. I had many ideas in mind and never found the time between my four part-time jobs to test them out, always afraid they wouldn’t turn out and I’d have wasted my time. For the past two months however I’ve been walking past the imposing 38 x 48″ canvas of Cedar Falling, which I set against a wall in my living room – a constant reminder of those ‘loose ends’ in this story.

So for the past two weeks I’ve been piecing together more of the imagined narrative and have three new small canvases in various degrees of completion. Below is the first one that I finished today. Hopefully the other siblings will also find their full force and I’ll post them here… maybe they won’t. It’s a mystery. Stay tuned.

oil painting of girl close up with decaying tree in desert
Desert Girl, oil on canvas, 16 x 20"

Mmm mmm leafy goodness

Happy New Year! My blog stats reported that I posted on average 2 posts a week during 2010. I aim to double that in 2011. So, here we go:

This afternoon I began working on three small oil paintings inspired by the drawing below. They are still in the beginning stages though, so you won’t see them for a while. Today you get a drawing from yesterday’s laboring.

I’m headed off tomorrow on a week-long trip during which it is my goal to post one wee drawing a day (depending on my internet access of course). So stay tuned for some fun sketches of the following week’s adventures!

watercolour and ink drawing of leaves
Leafy Goodness, watercolour and ink on paper, 5 x 7"

Merry Berries

I thought the red berries in this sketch made it a wee bit festive and thus appropriate for a post this holiday season.

Watercolour and ink drawing of vegetation and berries
Merry Berries, watercolour and ink on paper, 5 x 6"