In the studio: update

I’m working on a few paintings simultaneously these days and although none are done yet I thought I’d post a progress picture:

Jessie Dodington painting in her New Mexico studio
Progress picture of “Cat on the Attic Window Quilt”

I’m back! And I have a new friend…

Okay people. It’s been over a month since my last post and I sincerely do apologize. Life has been busy, life has been full, life has been beautiful.

Here are some excuses:

1) I moved to a new home and set up a new studio and am as pleased as pie in the new, well-lit space.
2) I adopted a kitten I found on the road dying in the hot desert sun. Her name is Dragon and she is very distracting with her cuteness. See?

sleeping kitten
Dragon snoozes

Despite these big life events I have been painting and crafting up a storm. So sit tight and enjoy the more frequent posts for the rest of the summer!

Here is an oil painting I finished last month for my brother-in-law’s wedding. It depicts the countryside north of Bakewell, England where we all took a hike this past year. Monumental memories I tell ya.

oil painting of england, bakewell countryside
Hiking North of Bakewell


Hi Folks,

It’s been quiet on the painting front since returning home from my residency, but I’ve been busy in other areas of life. Honest.

Go visit if you are interested in crafting and want to watch my friend Liby and I in a new video podcast. We yammer on about crafting, we sing songs and put knitted garments on her cat pancake etc. Pancake is a star. The podcast is worth watching just for his expressions.

Crafting podcasts (and there are many: dramatic knits, stockinette zombies, 90% Knitting, the knit girllls, whatcha swatchin, yarnivore, craftstash, willow fairy knits to name just a few) are most often watched while engaged in knitting or crocheting yourself. As I recently explained to my mother, it is not meant to be captivating in the same way a tv show or movie is… rather, it is like sitting down with friends to knit and gab together. That is the best I can explain it.

In other news, the Brit (husband) and I are gearing up for a move into a new home July 1st. Same town. Portales. It means “porches” in Spanish. We like it.

The move means less time in the future with the neighborhood cat Butters. Since I got back from residency, Butters has been visiting me every morning for pats and scritches. His meow is a scratchy pathetic sound like something from a dying animal. But he is nevertheless quite talkative and affectionate. I will miss him (and frequently walk through our old neighborhood just to visit him).

orange cat picture
Butters, mi amigo
photo of orange cat on porch
on the porch

The county fair is here! Along with a vampire cat…

I’m entering some paintings and photos in the county fair tomorrow. I don’t think I would have thought to enter except I was told they have a new category this year for professional artists and well, can you really resist participating in a fair? Animals of all sizes, all the best (worst-for-your-heart) food, plenty of lit-up rides to make you want to vomit… and then all the pies and cakes and crafts to oogle. I’m having a flash-back of the fairs I attended each year growing up. The only difference now is that I have to worry about a tooth filling or crown coming out in one of those candy apples…

Here’s one of the photos I’m entering. I took it of my friend’s aunt’s cat. Gotta love cats with fangs! I’m not making fun… too much. I think she’s gorgeous, fangs and all.

And a side-note: there’s an event in the fair called a “pig chase” in which participants can enter in these age categories: pre-school, 5 year olds, 6 year olds, 7 year olds or 8 year olds. I am most excited to attend, for I imagine I get to watch pre-schoolers chase a pig? Or maybe the pig chases the pre-schoolers? I simply can’t wait.

photograph of cat face
Vampire Cat, photograph

New Work!

I haven’t posted in a while but there are plenty of new works (and some old ones too) posted on my website! Go check it out. I’ve added some new galleries as well as some new works to some of the existing galleries.

Below is a snapshot of my new “Commissions” gallery on my website.

I do many pet portraits, house and property portraits and any other sentimental still life or landscapes you can think of. The majority of the commissions I do are for friends or family of the purchaser. They make great thoughtful gifts.


commissioned pet portraits and house portraits
Commissions, various media

The Cheerio Thief

I thought it might be fun to show my messy palette in relation to the painting I produced from it. You can find all of the colours (in some form or another) from the painting smushed somewhere on the palette.

I was very happy while painting this adorable fur-person. I probably don’t need to mention that she has a very strong relationship with all dairy products. You should see her when someone opens a container of yoghourt!

photo of oil paint on palette
photograph of my palette
oil painting of cat and cereal bowl
Eye on the Prize, oil on canvas, 10 x 12"

A little animal love

Right from the sketchbook today: this is a mock-up sketch for an illustration of another little story I’m working on. It may soon be digitized so stay tuned – this could be fun!

pencil crayon drawing of cat and rabbit
Page 3 sketch, graphite and pencil crayon on paper, 4 x 4"

Drawn from a photo by Liby Ball who owns this miraculous cat.