The Sweetest Little Thing approaches!

Now in its 12th year, The Sweetest Little Thing is the most important annual fundraising event for The Owens Art Gallery and Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre.

Presented in partnership on Valentine’s Day,The Sweetest Little Thing combines a contemporary art auction with a cake walk and dance. The event has become a seasonal highlight for the community, featuring artists, friends and supporters from across the country and beyond.

The funds raised go directly to the ongoing programming of the galleries.

To view the fabulous art of the community up for auction and to make an online bid visit here.

drawing of matisse and his birds
Matisse and Birds from photo by Cartier-Bresson, watercolour and ink on paper, 4 x 6"

Owl quiz

I have a quiz for you:

Which owl was I drawing while distracted by my family doing ridiculous things around the cottage, and which owl did I draw with concentration? Winner will be mailed the owls. Haha, maybe.

drawing of owls
Owls owls, ink on paper, 4 x 6"

Graphite eh?

So, after reading more of Lust for Life I’m  back to making some simple, quick graphite drawings in my sketchbook by the fireplace. A very, very nice way to pass the time. Just a few of the day’s characters:

graphite drawing of man with bird
Slightly Concerned, graphite on paper, 6 x 8"
graphite drawing of man with black-capped chickadee
Black-capped Chickadee Peck, graphite on paper, 7 x 9"

Birthday books

I got these lovely bird sketchbooks in the mail on my birthday and have begun to fill them on a theme…

They came all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland! Thanks Sarah.

Birds on a Bike, ink on paper