New Work!

I haven’t posted in a while but there are plenty of new works (and some old ones too) posted on my website! Go check it out. I’ve added some new galleries as well as some new works to some of the existing galleries.

Below is a snapshot of my new “Commissions” gallery on my website.

I do many pet portraits, house and property portraits and any other sentimental still life or landscapes you can think of. The majority of the commissions I do are for friends or family of the purchaser. They make great thoughtful gifts.


commissioned pet portraits and house portraits
Commissions, various media


Yesterday my husband and I went for a bike ride in the morning and came across a meter-long snake a little thicker than my wrist coiled up on the road. Fortunately a truck was driving down the road at the same time and pulled over to inspect the reptile. The driver, clearly knowing what he was doing and what species he was looking at, picked it up by its tail and flung it gently to safety in the ditch. His twelve year old son was right next to him wide-eyed. “It’s a bullsnake!” he yelled cheerfully after us.

Later that day we made a picnic to eat in a state park. We pulled into a site and I made my way towards the picnic table. Then I spotted a note scrawled on legal paper held down by rocks. It read, “Black widow nesting under table comes out at night. Consider moving away rather than killing? Thanks”… It was night. Perfect time for a dinner picnic… and letting black widows crawl on your knees. We ate in the car and enjoyed the brilliance of colour through the windshield.

In this land of tough, rough, wild creatures it’s nice once in a while to focus on the gentle, non-poisonous kinds. Here are some ducks I sketched at Oasis State Park the day I spotted “Snakey“.

watercolour drawing of ducks by lake
Ducks, watercolour on paper, 5 x 7"

Portrait with Fox

Here is today’s painting with some detail pictures because it’s been a while since I’ve worked in a larger format.

oil painting of a girl and a fox in the woods
Fox and I, oil on canvas, 24 x 30"
oil painting detail jessie dodington and fox in forest
Fox and I, detail
Jessie Dodington oil painting detail of underbrush
Fox and I, detail 2

Morning nap

Here is another morning landscape study. One of these cows gave his neck a good scratch on this fence for fifteen minutes before joining the others for a snooze under the shade of the trees. I was pretty tempted to join them.

oil painting of cows sleeping near abandoned building in new mexico
Snoozing Cows, oil on canvas, 8 x 10"

Back from travels!

Hello again! My sincere apologies for being absent from this blog for an entire month. I assure you I spent the time well. I got married and visited family in two different countries followed by a honeymoon! I thought I’d never want to leave the sunny turquoise coast of Turkey but was flooded with excitement and relief upon returning home and finding my studio full of all my books, canvases and paper waiting for me.

Here is a painting I made just before I left in May. My new husband’s favourite part is the reflection of the egg in the knife. Mine is the shadow in the egg shell between the knife and spoon.

oil painting of soft-boiled eggs, plate, cutlery and turtle salt and pepper shakers
Are we late for lunch?, oil on board, 10 x 10"

A little animal love

Right from the sketchbook today: this is a mock-up sketch for an illustration of another little story I’m working on. It may soon be digitized so stay tuned – this could be fun!

pencil crayon drawing of cat and rabbit
Page 3 sketch, graphite and pencil crayon on paper, 4 x 4"

Drawn from a photo by Liby Ball who owns this miraculous cat.