100 Works on Paper

These are the first twenty paintings in a larger series in progress. Landscape inspired, color infused, one painting often leads to the next and some depart further into abstraction than others. These paintings are improvised. I work on multiple pieces at the same time, so it is no surprise that some share similar color palettes or subject matter. I let the paintings become what they want to, which involves staying very present in the process and paying attention to the “click” when I know one is finished. Please check back every so often for the addition of new works in this ever evolving series.

Every painting in this series is 9 x 9 inches unframed on paper. Click on a painting to enlarge it and view in “slideshow.” Each original painting is $100 plus shipping unless already marked as sold. If your heart sings for a work that is already sold, reach out to me on my contact page about purchasing a print.

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