Paint Parties

I teach step-by-step acrylic painting workshops to private groups of 5 or more participants. I can come right to your own home, school, church, restaurant, office etc. with all the supplies needed. You can select which painting you wish to create from the gallery below. You can also request a special design be made for your particular group for $50 (with a particular quotation, family name, team-colors, or theme). If your group has 10 or more participants I will waive the special-design fee. The host can decide what canvas-size their workshop will use. All workshops/parties supply their own beverages and snacks.

Pricing is as follows:

Groups of 5 people and up = $45/person for 3 hour painting

Groups of 5 people and up = $40/person for 2 hour painting

Groups of 15 or more = $35/person for 2 hour painting ($40/person for 3 hours)