Hanging the show

I spent this morning working with Caitlin and Bryan at Runnels Gallery, organizing the salon-style hanging of my show. There is still a lot to be done including lighting and furniture arranging, not to mention some framing! However, I can finally tell how it will fit in the space and am getting really excited about the final outcome.

photo of an art exhibit being hung
Before the hanging of the show

Below is the Fine Art list of Events this fall.

My show is circled, the arrow indicates a student art show I am jurying and the hearts indicate the choir performances I’m in. If you’re nearby, come out and enjoy them all! (click on image to see larger)

Poster of Fine Arts Events for Fall 2011 ENMU
ENMU Fall Fine Arts Events

Somewhere to read

My librarian mother recently noted that I draw and paint many stacks of books in my scenes. And this is very true. Reading is one of my life’s biggest obsessions after art… and maybe food. I really love food. Art can be an escape for me, and so can books… so why not bring the two together as much as possible and enjoy a double dose of what I love most?

While today’s piece of art does not contain any heaps of paperbacks, I’d like you to imagine reading there. I’ve drawn the same bench in a tangly shaded space and a sun-soaked desert space. If you choose to read in the jungle space be sure to take bug repellant and if you chose to read in the sun, remember sunscreen and shades! Nothing worse than being blinded by trying to read the glaring white page.

watercolour and ink drawing of bench in vegetation
The Bench, watercolour and ink on paper, 5 x 10"

Real and imaginary backyards

I am retreating this very moment to the yard on the right, complete with glowing paper lanterns that can sooth anyone after a long day. Now if only the yard on the left existed… sigh. That’s where I’d like to spend all my afternoons.

watercolour and ink paintings of backyards
Backyards, watercolour and ink on paper, 5 x 10"

Tangly wild lawns

I began this lovely Tuesday morning with an activity I normally reserve for Saturdays: weeding! The front flower-bed… (er… cacti-bed) was overrun with all sorts of different weeds. I counted six or seven different types, although the only one that really matters to me is the one I call “evil spike”. Its little burrs break your skin through thick gardening gloves! So you can imagine how I felt when I knelt on a whole clump. They are NOT the soft sticky type of burrs I grew up with in Canada. Those you could get in your hair or on the back of your pants and walk around for days with them stuck there without knowing. Nope, you know instantly when you get these buggers stuck to you. yowch.

I’ve decided today I don’t like weeding tangly wild lawns. But I do┬álike drawing tangly wild lawns. That is an activity far more suited to my temperament.

Side note: Tangly Wild Lawns would make a good band name no?

watercolour and ink painting of a lawn in new mexico
Tangly Wild Lawn, watercolour and ink on paper, 5 x 8"


There is nothing like sketching slumbering animals. They stay so still for you! I especially like spending time with cows since I lived a few years on a farm growing up and have always found them very gentle and friendly.

Now, I’m afraid I need to go slumber a bit myself as it has been a long day!

watercolour and ink painting of cows sleeping in shade of tree
Slumbering, watercolour and ink on paper, 5 x 8"

White Mountain Wilderness

Finally, the large oil landscape is done (for the most part… I often add touches here and there for a while after completing a painting). It depicts the Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico and the view from where I got married in May of this year.

Oil painting of white mountain wilderness, new mexico
White Mountain Wilderness, NM, oil on canvas, 24 x 48"

Still in progress…

I promised you a picture of my completed landscape painting today but I cannot follow through since it is not yet complete! I hope this picture of my work in progress suffices to give you an idea of the colour scheme, scenery and size. I will post another picture of the finished painting just as soon as I can.

oil landscape painting in progress with palette
Oil landscape painting in progress

A big project

There has been a painting germinating in my mind for a few weeks now that I finally began to tackle. Here are some examples of my thought process as I try to solidify my idea and my composition. If I’m lucky I can finish the painting tomorrow and post it. The canvas is 24 x 48 inches and will be the largest work in my upcoming October show. (For more details about that stay tuned!)

sketchbook thumbnails of landscape painting
idea development for large landscape, sketchbook
sketchbook thumbnails of large landscape painting
more thumbnails, sketchbook