Desert Walk

Today I walked in the desert as if I don’t live in it… as if I live in the interior of British Columbia and experience sunlight for four hours a day before it falls behind a mountain.

Every image below is out of focus and intentionally so. Think of them as paintings made with a camera:

desert photo
photo in the desert
desert photo
desert grass

The county fair is here! Along with a vampire cat…

I’m entering some paintings and photos in the county fair tomorrow. I don’t think I would have thought to enter except I was told they have a new category this year for professional artists and well, can you really resist participating in a fair? Animals of all sizes, all the best (worst-for-your-heart) food, plenty of lit-up rides to make you want to vomit… and then all the pies and cakes and crafts to oogle. I’m having a flash-back of the fairs I attended each year growing up. The only difference now is that I have to worry about a tooth filling or crown coming out in one of those candy apples…

Here’s one of the photos I’m entering. I took it of my friend’s aunt’s cat. Gotta love cats with fangs! I’m not making fun… too much. I think she’s gorgeous, fangs and all.

And a side-note: there’s an event in the fair called a “pig chase” in which participants can enter in these age categories: pre-school, 5 year olds, 6 year olds, 7 year olds or 8 year olds. I am most excited to attend, for I imagine I get to watch pre-schoolers chase a pig? Or maybe the pig chases the pre-schoolers? I simply can’t wait.

photograph of cat face
Vampire Cat, photograph

Visiting Elida

Recently I took a trip with some friends to take in the countryside and the small town of Elida. There wasn’t much action in Elida if you didn’t count the tumbleweeds and one nosey but kind senior who crept after us in her car until we chatted. We didn’t glean all that much information from her but Wikipedia later informed me that a notable native of Elida is former Texas Tech Red Raiders baseball coach Larry Hays. Larry now teaches women’s softball at Lubbock Christian University but perhaps he thinks back to his Elida days from time to time, maybe he visits and gets his hair cut at the Elida Beauty Shop?

photo of beauty shop in elida new mexico
Beauty Shop, photograph, 4 x 6"
Photograph of Ruth McCowen Public Library, Elida, New Mexico
Ruth McCowen Public Library, photograph, 4 x 6"