Painting winter in the summer

There is something very satisfying about painting snow, blankets and a stormy sky when it’s actually hot, dry, painfully sunny and… hot outside. Don’t get me wrong, I love the heat… but I love wherever my imagination takes me more.

Here is the latest Quilted Landscape painting featuring a dear friend’s polydactyl cat:

Cosy Desert, oil/canvas, 16 x 20"
Desert Shelter, oil/canvas, 16 x 20″ $200


A Log Cabin Quilt and a Butterfly

Hello everyone,

I just have a simple post for you today. I’m spending most of this week working on illustrations for the biology text book but realized I had a few more paintings to show you as well.

Here is  a simple but bold painting of a log cabin quilt one of my dearest friends made for me (and hubby) as a wedding gift. Now I can enjoy its aesthetic in different forms around my house!

Log Cabin Quilt, oil/canvas, 20 x 20"
Log Cabin Quilt, oil/canvas, 20 x 20″

Next up we have a butterfly! Everyone likes butterflies.

Blue Butterfly
Blue Butterfly