A little animal love

Right from the sketchbook today: this is a mock-up sketch for an illustration of another little story I’m working on. It may soon be digitized so stay tuned – this could be fun!

pencil crayon drawing of cat and rabbit
Page 3 sketch, graphite and pencil crayon on paper, 4 x 4"

Drawn from a photo by Liby Ball who owns this miraculous cat.


Gardens Grow

Here is an illustration for a poem my friend sent me, although she can’t remember now if the first two lines (the ones that appear here) were from something else… a lyric perhaps? So we won’t claim them as ours, but here is a drawing they inspired:

Gardens grow, lovers weep
Will there ever be enough time for sleep?

pen and ink drawing for poem of plants and bedding
Poem Page 1, pen and ink on paper, 11 x 11.5"

Something different

I could post a picture of the finished Berry picking painting but that would ruin all the suspense for my late September show in Fredericton. Instead I shall give you a fun watercolour I did recently. It may end up being an illustration for a children’s book I’m working on.

watercolour painting of fish
Fish, watercolour on paper, 7 x 9.5"

Curious with a cat

Curious with a cat
at dusk and pondering
the fro and wandering
of the pigeon

On paws and padding
down darkened alley
we pause and gawk
at its swoop and squawk

drawing of lion and girl
Curious, ink on paper, 6 x 9"

This week in books…

I’ve been drawing up some of my visions from books while I’m reading them and thought I’d post some here now and then. I can’t promise they will be accurate to the stories; instead they will be inspired by what I’ve read.

Here is a quick sketch of page 5 of Jeanette Winterson’s Lighthousekeeping.

dog on a hill overlooking the town of salts
DogJim, marker on paper, 7 x 7"