Bedside Bear

While there are many new themes lighting up in my mind that were sparked by my recent travels, I’m still focussed on some bear ideas.

Here is a section of the painting on my easel at this moment:

oil painting of bear near bed
Bed Bear, oil on canvas, detail

Spring Bears

I just completed another painting for the Bear series. I’m only sharing a piece of it at the moment. (With an exhibition of the series scheduled tentatively for October, I should leave something to surprise and delight you in person.) This is the lower left-hand quarter:

section oil painting of house and bear
No Trespassing (section), oil on canvas, 16 x 24"

What the bears are doing right… now.

Well, they’re sleeping, sleeping good.

Here is almost-live footage from a den camera! The latest footage just shows a black lump that breathes a little, but sometimes it’s quite neat watching Lily scruff and paw around…

An homage to the sleeping lovelies:

Pen and watercolour drawing of napping bear
"Snooze", ink and watercolour, 4 x 7"