Drawing Challenge Day 14

For day 14 of the Drawing Challenge I was supposed to draw my favorite fairy tale. I personally really enjoy fairy tales involving bears. One is The Bear collected by Andrew Lang in The Grey Fairy BookA princess is sort of turned into a bear. Another tale describes a girl who runs off with a bear. They’re both great. Disney’s Pixar “Brave” involves bears in a similar fashion. All good!

Here’s my drawn fairy tale:

pen and ink drawing of the bear, a fairy tale
The Bear, a fairy tale

“Bear” in one place

I just built a new gallery page on my website to house many of the works recently in my show “Bear” which exhibited in Fredericton in October 2010.  You’ll find here pictures of paintings that weren’t included in my blog (in full form) this past year, in addition to many that were. I may post more paintings from the show in the next few weeks so please check back.

I will keep this new gallery page updated with what has been sold and what is still available to buy through Ingrid Mueller Art & Concepts.

new gallery of art works Bear
Paintings you can see at dodington.ca

A few more bears

Today is a sunny yet blustery sunday. The wind has reached a lower temperature today that warns winter is just around the corner. I am planning a long well-lit day inside, warm and with watercolours.

This is a waterfall diptych I completed in October that has gone to live with another one of my bear bather paintings in a private collection.

oil painting of waterfalls and bears and bathing woman
The bathers III & IV, oil on canvas, 24 x 32"

Cape Breton

Spent the Canada Day weekend in Cape Breton… went for a hike… shed my clothes… then realized other tourists had made their way up the path and were getting a bit of a show… apologized… went for a dip (very chilly waterfall dip!)… and a friend took a picture. On the drive back to NB I dreamed up this painting and a month later got the time to execute it using my friend’s picture as a reference.

Here is a detail:

oil painting cape breton swimming
Cape Breton Bears, oil on canvas, detail

Berry Season

It’s that season again and many folks (and bears) are hunched over bushes collecting berries. I’ve painted a bear into this painting twice now, and am not including a process shot of her here because she is oh so cute and you’d all be very disappointed if I painted over her to alter the composition yet again.

oil on canvas painting of berries
Berry Picking, oil on canvas, detail
oil on canvas painting of berries
Berry Picking, oil on canvas, detail

Painting progress

Still working on the piece with the bear and the bed. Possible title: Laundry Bear. Here is another progress shot:

oil painting of bear and bed
Bear Bed, oil on canvas, detail

I’ve also completed the painting I recently made a post about (with the lawn chairs entitled Camper) and wanted to show you another piece of it, a lovely bear on a blue truck:

oil painting of bear and truck
Camper, oil on board, detail