Youtube weekly

I’ve been working on capturing more of my work in progress so I can bring you along with me for the ride. Art-making can be an isolating job, and I am keen on building an online art community, and connecting with artists and art enthusiasts regardless of where on the planet we live. I will be posting weekly art videos. Some will be “paint with me” or “studio time” videos where I simply make work so you can watch it emerge, or sit in your own studio making art and just having some company while you do it. I will also be posting tutorial-like videos where I either walk you through a painting or give commentary and information on what I’m doing so that you can improve your own art skills.

So, if you haven’t yet hopped over to my YouTube channel and subscribed, hit the notifications button so you will catch each new video, please do so! And introduce yourself in the comments if we haven’t already met.

I’m building a new Instagram profile since getting locked out of my last account accidentally and with it a new Facebook artist page. Both with the name Dodington Creates. Thanks for being a part of my art world. I appreciate you.

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