Land Arts of the American West

Hi all,

It has been a crazy wonderful two years working on my Masters of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing at Texas Tech University, and thus I haven’t been posting on this blog. Currently I am in my third year of my Masters and working on my thesis as well as graduate show. I have joined the Land Arts program this fall and wish to update you, as well as professors and students back at Tech on my explorations, discoveries and progress out here in the field.

Taken from the Land Arts website ( ):

Land Arts of the American West is a “semester abroad in our own backyard” attracting architects, artists, and writers from across Texas Tech University (and beyond) to investigate the intersection of human construction and the evolving nature of the planet. Land art, or earthworks, index the complex array of human activity shaping our world—petroglyphs, roads, dwellings, monuments and traces of those actions—to show us who we are. Our itinerary brings us six-thousand miles overland to experience major land art monuments—Double NegativeSpiral JettySun TunnelsThe Lightning Field—while also visiting sites to expand our understanding of what land art might be. We camp for two months witnessing pre-contact archeology at Chaco Canyon and infrastructure at Hoover Dam, as well as military-industrial operations in the Great Salt Lake Desert and scientific exploration at the Very Large Array. We experience remote sites like the north rim of the Grand Canyon and Gila Wilderness in addition to occupied zones such as Wendover, Utah and Marfa, Texas. As we travel we make our own work in the landscapes we inhabit to calibrate the expanding range of our examinations.

So… let’s get rolling.

The passenger van at Cebolla Canyon, NM – our first site

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