Santa Fe Plein Air Festival 2016

I just returned from maybe the most intense week of painting of my life. In March of this year you may remember I was juried into the Santa Fe Plein Air Festival. Well, Friday June 3rd marked the kick-off to this year’s outdoor painting extravaganza in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico. For the following six days I painted between 8 and 11 hours a day not including time taken to drive to various painting locations, eat, chat with other painters etc. I met an amazing group of passionate painters who painted on site, outside in the sun, wind and thunderstorms.

Visit the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico Facebook page or website to see some of the work made this past week. All artists chose two pieces to hang in the exhibition at the InArt Santa Fe Gallery (219 Delgado St. Santa Fe, 505 983.6537) until the show closes July 4th.

Saturday June 4th at Santuario de Chimayo: notice how the light changed so that by the time I was done there were no shadows left!

Sunday June 5th at the Rio Chama below the dam:

Monday June 6th at Los Luceros Ranch:

Tuesday June 7th at the Ski Basin:

My two choices for the show with a picture of InArt Santa Fe Gallery where they will be purchasable through the month of June:

Wednesday June 8th: Little lesson learned that day… the first two photos are of my painting BEFORE a giant gust of wind blew grit and dirt into the painting. I tried to scrape it out and paint over it but it was not possible to salvage so I wiped the board and started over with a slightly different composition, pictured on the right. What did I learn? On a windy day, FACE the wind, so if there is a gust hopefully you can minimize the amount of dirt stuck to your painting. I haven’t put this into practice yet… I actually moved to the side of a building to take shelter from the wind – another effective strategy on a windy day.

Thursday June 9th: two more sky paintings…

Friday June 10th: notice the seamless insertion of the waterfall painting into the scene in the middle photograph. Shabang!

The Enchanted Skies hanging Friday:

All in all a fun, albeit exhausting week of painting, socializing and learning. To view better pictures of my finished pieces you can visit my website or my daily paintworks gallery where many of them are set at auction prices before becoming full price (and even the full price is a bargain) . Thanks for reading!

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