Girls Painting

This is an en plein air painting I made Sunday afternoon of my two friends’ daughters. We sat them up in the sunny backyard with tubes of acrylic, canvas boards, shells and rocks and then said, “go”. They had a great time. I meant to paint the yard but loved watching them chat and work and decided to make them my subject.

K (on right) worked on her seascapes while N painted a neon pink swordfish. “It was going to be a shark but now it’s a swordfish,” she explained. Painting is like that. Mine was going to be a landscape and became a figurative piece. I mimicked the style of the kids’ paintings with bold, simple blocks of color in my own. A wonderful challenge and a wonderful afternoon!

The painting is up for sale auction-style on the Click to Bid

"Girls Painting", oil on board, 6 x 6"
“Girls Painting”, oil on board, 6 x 6″

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