An Enduring Wilderness: Oct 24 – Nov 15

I’m excited to take part in another show this month, An Enduring Wilderness. Here is the invitation/poster:

enduring wilderness

The Durango Arts Center had this to say about the exhibit:

This is an opportunity for our member artists to create work which illuminates the splendor, the grandeur, the fragility, the vulnerability, the overwhelming magnificence of the natural world, and to explore the relationship between oneself and the real and the mystical landscapes of nature. It is an opportunity to be inspired, to reflect, to thoughtfully respond to one’s environment, one’s personal geography.

As a community it is an opportunity for us to re-awaken and re-address the important issue of the essential necessity of conservation, protection, preservation and stewardship of species and lands. There is the utmost need to have this discussion in order to implement necessary conservation protections, to conserve wilderness and protect the Earth’s biodiversity.

For more information on the exhibit visit the Durango Arts Center Website.

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