TGIF: painting marathon outcome

Well, it’s been a long day. I spent a total of 9 hours painting and regardless of hot packs, stretching and ibuprofen I am in quite a bit of neck/head pain this evening. I know the painting is not quite done yet, although I don’t know exactly how far I am to the finish line… let’s just say I’m a lot closer.

Here is the progress picture I promised you, complete with an appearance from Dragon, who leapt up onto a chair to look out the window as I pressed the shutter.

Quilted Lake in Progress, oil/canvas, 2 x 4' with kitten
Quilted Lake in Progress, oil/canvas, 2 x 4′ with kitten

3 thoughts on “TGIF: painting marathon outcome

  1. I feel your pain. If I paint more than 3 hours at a time I get bad neck/shoulder pain but when you’re on a roll you just don’t want to stop. Congrats anyway. You did a great job!


    1. Sorry to hear that you experience pain too, but thank you for sharing. Now I don’t have to keep imagining other painters are invincible and I’m somehow a defect. hee hee.


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