Drawing Challenge? What drawing challenge?

Happy Thursday world!

I have gotten a bit off track today but since I make the rules here… everyone wins! The drawing challenge yesterday called for a comic, and today called for hmm… something equally neat to draw but for some reason I just couldn’t muster the motivation. That leaves me two days behind on the challenge with other drawing projects piling up on the side. So, today I focussed on one of those side projects instead. Pencil still hit paper, so I forgive myself.

My side project is a bit difficult to explain. Essentially I am part of a knitted-monster swap wherein I knit a toy and embellish it along a certain theme and mail it to a stranger along with a few other fun things to match the theme. In return, I will soon receive a package in the mail with a knitted monster embellished in ways that would please or delight me.) My partner loves the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox so I set out to knit a character for her and wanted to include some “character studies” drawings as a fun thing to include in her package.

Because you probably want to see the actual knitted toy component itself, here sits the villainous rat and a little bandit monster companion for the fox thieves. Note: Bandit hat is removable to reveal big scary white felt teeth. Bandit also comes with knitted black cape.

knitted toys, fantastic mr. fox rat and rebecca danger monster
Rat and Monster Bandit

Here are today’s sketches I’m going to include in the package… probably with little matt frames and plastic, as one might buy a print.

ink and watercolor drawing of weasel from fantastic mr. fox
Weasel (voiced by movie’s director Wes Anderson)
watercolor and ink drawing of rat from fantastic mr. fox
Rat (voiced by Willem Dafoe)

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