Residency in review: part 5

I wanted to share with you a picture of some of the pillows I sewed to look like books for the library cart.

pillows that look like books
book pillows

Along with the pillows I made a silkscreen in the same manner I’ve discussed before on the blog. The design was inspired by a page from a book in the elsewhere library that I have re-located to live on the cart and be read by kids visiting the museum.

making a silk screen
making the silkscreen
hand made silk screen
finished screen

I printed the design on some of the book pillows as either pages or covers.

pillows that look like books
"everything is different" book (pillow) cover

While I was at it I also printed a tote-bag:

elsewhere residency silkscreen printed tote bag
tote bag for sale (profits to elsewhere) at elsewhere collaborative shop

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