2 thoughts on “A Watercolour for Wednesday

  1. Hi Jessie! Hope you are feeling better. I’m sure others have told you that this is a prime allergy time in the area, so you may be getting a double whammy of cold and allergy. Ugh. I enjoy your blog. Love your plant studies. And your “coloring book” drawings need to be made into a book! I want to see them all. 🙂


    1. Thanks! I’m tackling the cold/allergies enough to get back to painting large scale which is nice. As for the colouring book, it has been my intention all along to publish a little collection of drawings to colour or add to or just look at when one is in the mood to daydream! Thanks for your encouragement!

      I only have a few more drawings at this time on the yarn theme but they can be found here.


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