Feeling rustic

Today I feel like sharing with you a rough pastel drawing of a forest in fall.

I am craving the scratchy texture of  thick plaid “Sault Ste. Marie Tuxedos” (these are wool button-up sweater/coats for those of you who don’t know the northern Ontario lingo). I’m craving a cold beer on a dock as a summer sun sets. I’m craving guitars around campfires and lobsters spread out on newspaper-covered tables with little dishes of butter. I’m craving the sight of two dozen Cedar Waxwings passing berries to one another in a tree. I’m craving lichen covered rocks under the first snowfall of the season.

pastel drawing of an autumn forest
Autumn Forest, pastel on paper, 8.5 x 11"


One thought on “Feeling rustic

  1. I hear a certain family is heading to Go Home for the week heading into Labour Day. No lobster with butter, but we do the cold beer on the dock thing!!

    Love Pops


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