Blast from the Past!

marker drawing of house across the street
university boys house, marker on paper, 6 x 8"

I was poking around the studio yesterday when I found this sketch. It wasn’t tucked neatly away in one of my 42 sketchbooks, it was just floating through letters and random scraps of stationary. It struck me as rather funny. It is the view from my bedroom window during highschool. It depicts the house across the street. The house that held the university boys – as the yellow marker title suggests.

You can imagine me as a teen, holed up in my room diligently doing homework… diligently, until of course distracted by the comings and goings of the young band of rowdy gentlemen across the street and inspired to make a sketch.

I can remember nothing about making this drawing except that it was winter and I tried to show the snow by leaving the roof and lawn blank. I am grateful to have my drawings though, because they’re always giving me glimpses of my past back, sketch by sketch.

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