It’s The Sweetest Little Thing

It has been a while since my last post but things have been busy in the studio!

Today I thought we’d play a game. It’s called “Surfing for Apples.” Unlike Bobbing for Apples, where one must plunge one’s head in a laundry sink full of water and apples (while dressed like a witch and getting gobs of green face paint in your mouth and eyes the way I did at a halloween party when I was eleven), this game involves surfing the web, and only just a little.

Here are your instructions: go visit the online auction for The Sweetest Little Thing: the most important annual fundraising event for The Owens Art Gallery and Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre. If you can make it to the actual event on the eve of Valentine’s day, there’s a cake walk and dance to amuse you while you admire the art and place your bids.

The funds raised go directly to the ongoing programming of the galleries.

Your task is to name the little piece from my garden series panels that I donated. Which garden series panels? They’re in my January 5th post called “Happy New Year of Painting!”

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